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Transforming mobile engagement into sales

600 in-app conversions during the first three months

1 user bought approximately 5 times

2x faster checkout process

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About Gymster

Gymster is all about top-notch sports apparel. Their products are for those who want the best in quality and performance. Gymster’s commitment to excellence helped customers to recognize the brand for providing the best in the game. In 2023, the brand was ready to offer customers an easy online experience that matches the quality they’re used to. Gymster isn’t just a brand; it’s a part of everyone’s fitness journey.

The challenge

Gymster’s growing mobile audience indicated potential and it was the time to capture and monetize this interest. Gymster aimed to get a solution to align their mobile conversions with the traffic trends, aiming to enhance the user journey without implicating any underperformance in their existing digital strategy.

The solution

We developed a mobile app tailored to Gymster’s needs with a focus on simplicity and security. The main goal was to streamline the mobile user experience, rendering it as intuitive and effortless as possible.

Key app features included:

Simplified checkout: We streamlined the buying process, making it quick and easy with fewer steps to complete a purchase.

Brand-matching design: The design of Gymster’s OmniShop app aligns perfectly with the brand’s website and online presentation.

Real-time inventory updates: The app was built to reflect live stock levels, ensuring users had up-to-the-minute information.

These features were there not only to enhance user engagement but also to build trust and reliability in the mobile shopping experience offered by Gymster. Our goal was to make the mobile shopping experience so good that customers would prefer it over any other option.

Promotional image for a Gymster mobile app case study featuring a man in profile wearing a white sweatshirt with the embossed Gymster logo, alongside two smartphones displaying the Gymster app interface with various athletic wear options. The Gymster logo is prominently displayed at the bottom right.

The result

The app’s launch marked a dramatic shift in Gymster’s mobile commerce. Within the initial 90-day period following the launch, the app saw up to 600 exclusive shopping sessions through the app, indicating a strong customer preference for the new mobile shopping platform.

This uptake wasn’t just about more users; it showed that our user-friendly design and reliable features effectively converted interest into sales. The Gymster app had not only succeeded in converting browsers into buyers but had set a new benchmark in mobile customer experience.

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