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Digital touchpoints: How to engage customers to make them explore more

Digital touchpoints are the checkpoints where customers interact with a brand’s online presence. These touchpoints encompass various channels and platforms. Through those platforms, customers engage, browse, and make purchase decisions. Think of it as your chance to create an unforgettable impression. That impression acts as a welcoming smile that entices customers to explore further. 

The art of customer engagement isn’t just a strategy; it’s your secret recipe for e-commerce triumph. Picture it as the magical thread weaving connections between you and your audience. These touchpoints contribute to the customer’s journey from the initial click on a website to the final checkout.

Read this article to find out how to engage customers and implement digital touchpoints.

Identifying key digital touchpoints

Identifying digital touchpoints is like discovering the jewels of your brand’s crown. Essential touchpoints include your:

website, a gateway where customers browse and buy products; 

mobile app, their pocket-sized access to all your offerings; 

social media, a bustling forum for brand conversations; 

email, a personalized avenue for updates; 

– and live chat, a real-time lifeline for customer assistance. 

Touchpoint is a golden opportunity to invite customers to connect, learn, and experience your brand in unique ways.

Strategies for engaging customers

To engage customers, strategic actions across different fronts can make a significant impact. Think about every online channel where a customer may explore your brand and take an action.

How to engage customers to make them explore more

What can you do on your website?

Your website design plays a role in shaping the perceptions and interactions of your audience. Focus on creating a seamless experience across devices. Do it through responsive design, ensure easy navigation, and use cool visuals to catch attention. 

This adaptability demonstrates inclusivity. Users can shop with ease regardless of their preferred browsing method.

Navigating your website should mirror the ease of a familiar path. Imagine a potential buyer searching for a specific product. A well-designed navigation system directs him to the relevant section and eliminates frustration. That’s a point for customer experience!

Use high-quality images that showcase the details of your products. Allowing customers to envision themselves in possession of your offerings. Videos enhance engagement by immersing visitors in a multi-sensory experience. For example, imagine a visitor watching a video showing the craftsmanship behind your artisanal goods. The fusion of sight and sound forge a stronger emotional connection.

What can you do on your mobile app? 

Creating an engaging mobile app for e-commerce involves a blend of design, functionality, and features. 

The design ensures that the app aligns seamlessly with your brand. But aesthetics alone won’t be enough – functionality holds equal weight. For us at OmniShop, each feature and interaction serves a purpose. Our mobile app solution gives experience from effortless product discovery to frictionless checkout.

The true magic emerges when the user takes center stage. User-centric features intuitively cater to their preferences, making them feel valued and understood. Imagine an app that suggests products based on previous interactions. Interactive elements enhance user engagement, transforming routine actions into delightful experiences.

With a focus on design, functionality, and user-centricity, your mobile app becomes more than a transactional tool. It’s a digital companion that understands, anticipates, and fulfills users’ needs.

Mobile app with logos of popular brands that have a mobile app with a call to engage customers with mobile app

What can you do with your social media?

Social media can become powerful by crafting shareable content that sparks discussions. Social media extends reach and creates a community around your offerings.

The evolution of social media goes beyond conversations. It has transformed into an influential sales channel. The concept of social commerce is reshaping the way consumers discover and purchase products. Picture a potential customer scrolling through their feed. Then, they stumble upon a product showcased through an engaging video. And with a few taps, they can seamlessly explore more details, read reviews, and even make a purchase.

The marriage of shareable content and the rise of social commerce underscores the dynamic nature of social media’s role.

What can you do with email campaigns? 

Engaging email campaigns involves personalization and tailoring content to individual preferences. Remember to incorporate a clear call-to-action (CTA) that guides customers towards desired actions. 

At its core, personalization is the key that unlocks the door to capturing your audience’s attention. Imagine an email that addresses the recipient by name and suggests products based on their past purchases. It’s a virtual handshake that establishes a genuine connection.

Delving further, the art of personalization extends to content. Tailoring email content to individual preferences transforms generic messages into captivating narratives. Last but not least, clear call-to-action (CTA) leads recipients towards desired actions. Think of a strategically placed button that invites them to “Explore Now” or “Claim Your Offer.” It transforms passive readers into active participants.

What can you do with live support? 

Live chat and chatbots offer real-time assistance to address customer queries. They keep visitors engaged.

Imagine a virtual person available 24/7 to assist visitors when they step on your webshop. Live chat bridges the gap between customers and your brand. Sometimes, customers need instant solutions that dissolve frustrations.

It’s time for chatbots to step onto the stage. Picture a visitor inquiring about shipping options. A chatbot presents the relevant information, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience. 

The beauty of this synergy lies in its ability to maintain engagement. Visitors are likelier to stay on your website when they know assistance is just a click away.

Energy Star International gave customers what they came for

Indulging in a refreshing beverage is more than just a drink. It’s an experience that brings people together. Energy Star International understands this sentiment and goes the extra mile to enhance every sip. 

Are you having a party? Imagine visiting a webshop before your next celebration, and you need supplies. You’re presented with a tool that calculates precisely how much of your favorite drink is necessary to keep the festivities flowing. This feature called party planer immerses customers in a personalized experience. If you have hosted a party before, you know how hard it is to calculate the exact quantity.

Energy Star International party planer calculator feature.
Energy Star International’s party planer feature

Princess Bee shows its brand value through engaging content

Busy life distracts us from nature. It’s a fact. Imagine stumbling upon a brand that offers high-quality honey. Not only that, Princess Bee paints a vivid picture of the role of bees in our ecosystem. As you navigate their website, illustrations unveil a world with and without bees. It vividly showcases the stark contrast between flourishing landscapes and barren ones. 

Princess Bee Honey shows us on their website how the world would look without bees.
Princess Bee’s illustration of a world with and without bees

This interactive experience is more than just aesthetically pleasing. It’s a great example of how engaging illustrations can show a brand’s passion for a cause. It fosters a deeper connection with the brand.


To engage customers and make a great impression, you need to think about every channel that a customer might stumble upon. Pay attention to details. Invest in your website and mobile app because they should offer the best customer experience ever. Make your social media profiles worth following. Remember: your online channels become stages where engagement shines brightly. They should make visitors feel like enchanted participants in a graceful digital performance.

Ready to step up your mobile game?

Let’s book a 30-min mobile strategy session and give your shop a boost.

Ready to step up your mobile game?

Let’s book a 30-min mobile strategy session and give your shop a boost.