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Mobile commerce trends transforming Black Friday shopping

It’s that time of year again when the collective shopper’s heartbeat rises in anticipation: Black Friday! But as you’re preparing for this big event, have you considered the force that’s changing the face of this shopping craziness? Let’s get into how mobile commerce trends are redefining the shopping landscape and which platform – mobile apps or browsers – is leading the race.

Mobile commerce: The digital storefront

Before we get into the juicy details, let’s lay some groundwork. Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, refers to buying and selling products and services via mobile devices. And it’s not just a fad; it’s a full-blown revolution!

In the past few years, smartphones have transformed from mere communication devices to pocket-sized shopping malls. You can now browse your favorite store, add items to your cart, and check out – all while binge-watching your favorite series or waiting for your coffee. Sounds tempting?

Now, on to the main act. Here’s how mobile commerce is making waves in the Black Friday sea.

On-the-go shopping

Previously, Black Friday meant camping outside stores or being glued to your desktop. Now? Shopping happens on the bus ride home, during lunch breaks, and yes, even in those endless queues at physical stores. This shift towards mobile has made Black Friday a 24-hour event rather than just a midnight rush.

Personalized deals

Ever got a notification about a deal that feels handpicked for you? That’s m-commerce in action. Brands are using data analytics to tailor promotions, making your shopping experience feel unique and nudging you closer to that ‘Buy Now’ button.

Secure and swift payments

The boom of mobile wallets and simplified checkout processes makes finishing a purchase a breeze. This ease can make the difference between a completed sale and an abandoned cart, especially when those Black Friday deals are ticking away.

App vs. browser: The big debate

Now for the clash of the titans! With mobile shopping soaring, a pressing question arises: Are people shopping more through apps or browsers?

Mobile apps and shopping online


  • Apps offer a personalized experience. They remember your preferences, allow for instant notifications, and often process payments more swiftly. Brands can also incentivize app downloads with exclusive deals.
  • Apps often store user preferences and give a personal touch, making future shopping sprees more intuitive.
  • Some brands offer app-only deals, especially during Black Friday.
  • Loyalty points, wish lists, and easy checkouts often make apps the preferred choice for brand loyalists.


  • Not every brand can secure a spot on a user’s device, especially when storage space is at a premium.
  • Managing multiple accounts and passwords can be cumbersome.

Mobile browsers and shopping online


  • No downloads are needed. Just type, search, and shop. They’re particularly handy for one-off purchases from stores you don’t frequently visit.
  • For those surprise gifts, browsers offer private modes to keep shopping a secret.
  • Easy and fast price comparison between brands.


  • Browsers might not offer the same seamless experience as apps. 
  • Payment processes can be lengthier, and the absence of instant notifications means you might miss out on flash sales.
  • Flash sales might be missed without the instant alerts an app provides.
Mobile commerce trends: Pros of a mobile app and a browser for online store
Mobile app vs. Browser debate – which one is better for your online store?

So, who’s winning?

While the race is neck-and-neck, mobile apps are nudging ahead, particularly during high-stakes events like Black Friday. The sheer convenience of tailored notifications and quick checkouts gives apps an advantage. Yet, browsers remain a favorite for sporadic or first-time shoppers.

Find out how you can get your mobile app ready before this year’s Black Friday.

What can brands expect in the future of mobile commerce?

Looking forward, mobile commerce is set to continue its upward trajectory. Emerging technologies such as 5G will further streamline the mobile shopping experience. Meanwhile, brands will keep innovating to merge the online and offline worlds, possibly integrating features like virtual store walkthroughs or real-time customer service chats.

Moreover, voice shopping, powered by smart assistants like Alexa and Siri, might soon become another frontier in the mobile commerce trends section. Imagine grabbing Black Friday deals just by voicing commands! 

Wrapping up

Black Friday has always been a dynamic event, adapting to consumer behaviors and technological advances. The mobile commerce trends driving its current evolution ensure that shoppers get a mix of convenience and personalized experiences. Mobile apps and browsers both have their roles to play in this grand sale saga. However, the real winner is the consumer, empowered with choices and convenience like never before.

Ready to step up your mobile game?

Let’s book a 30-min mobile strategy session and give your shop a boost.

Ready to step up your mobile game?

Let’s book a 30-min mobile strategy session and give your shop a boost.