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E-commerce copywriting that boost your sales

Every organization in every industry needs good copywriting. But when it comes to e-commerce businesses, a copy can seriously help you grow or undermine your revenue. This article will help you better understand the e-commerce copywriting to increase your conversion rate, make more sales, improve your SEO and increase brand awareness.

What is e-commerce copywriting?

Just like the stick and stones may break your bones, it’s the words that may reshape your mind. You are bombed with thousands of messages every single day, ,weather you are aware of it or not. TV, billboards, the internet, radio, newspapers, etc., all want to communicate with you and sell you a product, service or idea.

But the point is: most of them are not so good at that.

Creating click baits and singing songs about the company business will get you nowhere because nobody cares. People, especially e-commerce customers, want to know how your product or service can help solve their problems. And that is where good e-commerce copywriting comes into the scene. 

E-commerce copywriting applies to any written content you create for your online store, such as: 

  • headlines
  • category pages
  • product descriptions
  • promotional offers
  • landing pages

These are all places where quality writing can help increase your e-commerce sales.

The goal of e-commerce copywriting is to clearly explain the benefits of your products or services to the customer while at the same time helping your online store rank better on search engines. 

To be successful, first, you need to understand the psychology behind the customer’s shopping desire and search intent behind typing specific keywords into a search engine. Only then can you communicate with your customers on the level they understand. 

Which e-commerce pages should have a high quality copy?

Every segment of the website should have lines of suitable copy. However, there are parts where good text is required to engage customers to shop, and here are the most important pages.

E-commerce product pages

Product pages are one of the most important pages of your online store because they are usually pages that customers see before they go for payment – so you want to give them every reason to fulfill their order. This is a place where customers can find out all about a particular product they are interested in, and you have the opportunity to explain the benefits of the product to them. 

In other words, sell them reasons why they need it. 

So there should be much more than a product description in a few sentences and a list of features. Start by writing about the unique characteristics your customers care about the most, focusing on your product’s benefits and good sales offers. Look for different ways you can tell the story of your product and highlight some of the social proof and list of real reasons why customers recommend it. If you do this right, your products will sell for themselves.

E-commerce category pages

Interestingly, category pages are often overlooked by online business owners.

Although all products are listed on the category page, you always have space for text lines below or above the products. Not only will this improve the ranking of your website, but it will also better explain to customers why they ended up in the right place for their shopping intent.

Smartly insert the keywords in a copy for which you want to rank the category page and highlight everything that visitors may be looking for on this page through the text.

About us page

The “About us” page sells nothing but the story of your brand identity. How are you different from the competition? Why should customers feel good when they choose to shop at your e-commerce company?

It’s not that hard to engage customers to buy something from you – it’s hard to get them to come back and buy again. When customers can connect with the mission and values ​​of your brand emotionally, they are much more likely to buy and come back for more.

How to write a better copy for e-commerce?

Whether you are a business owner that hires a copywriter or writes yourself, you are going to need these quick copywriting tips and tricks to increase your brand awareness, conversion rate, and sales. 

Meet your buyer persona

You can’t write a good copy if you don’t know the person you’re communicating with.

It would be best if you had a clear understanding of who your audience is and what they are looking for. Customer research is important for the writing process because it helps you concretely answer all their possible doubts, questions, and answers through the text before asking them.

If you haven’t already done so, try to create buyer personas and really get to know your audience. It would help if you had answers to the following question:

  • How old are they? 
  • What are their beliefs? 
  • What are hidden desires? 
  • What is their material status? 

You can use these profiles to target specific clientele segments and directly motivate them to buy your product through written words.

Write in the form of storytelling

Telling a story through copywriting is a sure way to get the audience’s attention because everyone remembers a good story, even a bad one. It is in our nature. When our ancestors drew on cave walls, they used these drawings to tell a story from the real world, representing above all the dangers that man can encounter in the outside world.

Throughout the story, the values ​​of human society continue to be narrated. Today, communication in a story has become an enticing technique for concisely and interestingly conveying a message we can hardly ignore.

But what kinds of stories can you tell in e-commerce copywriting? You can apply this simple formula to almost any product or offer:

  • Your story hero is the customer: Protagonist
  • They have a problem to solve: Conflict
  • They struggled with trying to solve this particular problem: Rising action
  • Now there is a solution: Climax
  • And they will live happy (happier) after that: Resolution

Make your copy scannable

Here’s a secret. You do not read the text; you scan it. 

A huge paragraph with a ton of words can intimidate even hardened readers, let alone a visitor who just wants to buy new sneakers. Therefore, you must format the text to appeal to the reader visually.

Use bold and bullet points when you have a list of product details to highlight the key points. Split paragraphs to make them look tempting on your phone as well. It is recommended that you do not exceed 4 to 6 lines in one paragraph.

Charts, graphs, infographics, and graphic elements are all tools you can use to give your copy a new perspective. 

Keep improving your e-commerce copywriting

Machine learning has indeed reached the limit where it can imitate people very well, but a machine will never write a text like a human because no one knows your customers better than you. Use technology to test your copy, then use the data obtained as indicators and find points for further improvement. Combine graphic elements with well-formatted text, rely on statistics and facts, and your conversions will skyrocket by themselves.

Need help writing a copy that converts? 

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Ready to step up your mobile game?

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Ready to step up your mobile game?

Let’s book a 30-min mobile strategy session and give your shop a boost.