Mobile apps for fashion brands

Get your store a mobile app for every user’s pocket. Make yourself reachable on every media and start earning more in 2 weeks.

How can a mobile app significantly increase your profit?

Yes, there is an undeniable link between a pet’s overall happiness and customer satisfaction, but pet ownership is not always a walk in the park. A pet shop that fits everyone’s pocket allows dog owners, cat sitters, and other pet lovers to gather around a shared passion and build a strong community that continually strives to come back for more. Here’s why native apps are so precious in this digital-led market.

Never miss a great deal

Notifications will always remind customers when it’s time for a new great deal they look forward to. By helping your users know when their favorite item is back in stock or an awesome new item is on a discount, you differentiate yourself from the competition and increase sales. Eventually turning your users into loyal customers.

Position your brand on customers’ top of mind and you will always be their default choice. In addition, push messages are proven to boost app engagement by 88%.

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Cover every point in the shopping journey

Omnichannel customer experience treats each media channel as a whole, so your business can support customers at every touchpoint, which is the first step for swiftly reaching a maximum ROI (Return Of Investment). Create a seamless experience across all channels customers use to engage with your brand, and beat competitors on the customer experience battleground.

You are never too old to play

Gamification involves implementing dynamics from games to the mobile application and encouraging users to return to the app. As a result, gamifying your mobile app can boost traffic and users’ engagement, leading to increased revenue. 

If companies like Victoria’s secret could gamify their app with their PINK Nation, and make it fun for their users, so can you!

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Engaged customers stay with you in supply shortage

It takes a unique app design to bring customers back month after month and keep them active. Treat your app stores as prime properties because customers are more likely to stay engaged so supply chain issues won’t drive your customers away irreversibly.

Pocket to closet for all shopping needs

As users, we are impatient – we wish for a checkout process in under 5 seconds or go to the competitor because the Internet is one crowded place. Distracted customers aren’t converting, so building a fast app not only perfects your checkout process but allows customers to place their monthly orders in a loop.

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I was looking for a company that understands and translates my idea into reality and turns the idea into an application that presents the services and products we offer in an easy and attractive way, and I think I was lucky to deal with Omnishop team.
They were able and worthy to translate the idea professionally into reality, Big Thanks to YOU.

– Anwar Al Busaidi, Founder & CEO, Menbaitna – Omani marketplace
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Worth the investment

Beat your competitors with us

You have a choice. Keep doing what you’ve always done and get what you’ve always gotten, or join the industry’s best who already utilize the benefits of mobile apps. 

Stand out from the crowd with a unified shopping experience, and give your customers more reasons to return. Our team is here to help you and answer any questions you might have.

What Makes OmniShop Different

Human touch

We take a personal approach to your app instead of letting you battle complicated builders.

Powerful Integrations

Connect your 3rd party services directly from your mobile app

Support and customizations

We are here to make your shop a success and want to make it special!

Have Questions?

Yes you do. And it is perfectly finde if you do not have one right now. We can help you with that and get you set up very quickly!

You don’t have to, we do it for you!

Your part is just to hand over all materials you have about your design (brand book, fonts, etc.) and the rest is on us.

Currently we support only WooCommerce and Shopify but are adding new backends per request. We can also connect to custom shops if they have a public API. If unsure, don’t hesistate to contact us below! 👇

Although it is advisable to have your own accounts, we can help you get started quickly by publishing apps for you. If you use apple or google pay it will be a requirement.

We support both iOS and Android platforms natively. No PWA, no hybrid solutions, just pure performance and quality!

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